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We understand the importance of keeping your silos, bins, and hoppers in optimal operational condition, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of specialist confined space cleaning services designed specifically for safe access and egress within these restrictive assets.

Working at height and within confined spaces can be risky, but rest assured that our specialist cleaning teams are fully trained, certified, and highly experienced in both confined space and rope access operations. We prioritise safety above all else while delivering cost-effective silo cleaning and confined space services nationwide throughout the UK.

Industrial and agricultural silos play a crucial role in storing various commodities such as flour, sugar, maize, grain, and animal feed. Regular cleaning of these silos is essential to prevent residue buildup on internal sides and discharge areas. Such buildup can lead to the breeding of Store Product Insects (SPI), resulting in product spoilage and contamination. Additionally, these remnants can increase microbiological activity as they serve as a harbour for bacteria and a source of nutrition.

Cygnet Resources is renowned for our forward-thinking approach to silo cleaning. Our highly qualified rope access technicians specialise in providing efficient cleaning services for square and round silos, bins, hoppers, filters, tanks, and ancillary equipment.

Our rope access technicians are fully trained in confined space entry procedures, working at heights with safe equipment usage while complying with all Health & Safety requirements. They possess the necessary skills and tools including monitoring equipment, escape sets, breathing apparatuses, rescue kits, casualty care knowledge along with first aid emergency response training.

We offer both scheduled interval-based standard cleaning options as well as flexible "as-and-when" basis cleaning solutions. For ongoing maintenance needs, we can arrange monthly silo maintenance contracts tailored to your specific requirements.

In addition to our expertise in cleaning services, we also have in-house specialist teams for silo repair and engineering services. From standard dry cleans to comprehensive engineering and fabrication work, we ensure cost-effective solutions that extend the asset life of your silos. Moreover, when assets reach the end of their life, our experienced teams are skilled in decommissioning processes.

Rest assured that all types of silos are covered under our comprehensive range of services. Choose Cygnet Resources for professional and reliable specialist silo cleaning solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our expertise in maintaining full capacity while prioritising safety.

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